Owner & CEO - Kimberli A. Almonla

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Oxford Diploma:Ultimate Health

Diploma in Traditional Naturopathy

Ayurvedic Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

Internationally Accredited Master Life Coach

Foundation Practitioner in Homeopathic Medicine

Fully Accredited Certificate in Homeopathy

Diet Life Coach

Accredited Professional Nutritionist

Ayurvedic Gut & Holistic Nutrition

Fully Accredited Certificate in Natural Medicine & Herbalism

Certified Family Herbalist

Ayurvedic Body Type Analysis Certification

Ayurvedic Certification in Weight Loss & Metabolism

Heal Your Body To Heal Your Emotions Certification

Certified Aroma Touch Technique Certification

Journey to Radiant Living Wellness Certification

Auspicium Certification Reactivation Program

Female Hormones & Metabolism Certification