I had high cholesterol and LDL was super high.  Working with Restoration Wellness I was able to lower them back to normal.  Super professional office and I felt heard by Kimberli.  She helped me do the impossible.  Thanks to her I am all clear.  Highly recommend.

Kass Sullivan

I just finished the 8 week NLP coaching program and I'm a different person for the better.  Thanks Kimmi, your program has been incredible. Five Stars and will be recommending to all my friends and family.

Maureen Wilson

After years of fruitless, costly doctor's visits searching for answers to my recurring, debilitating pain, I finally found Kimmi!  She listened, asked questions I'd never been asked before and in one visit was able to get to the root causes of my symptoms.  Kimmi's holistic approach was customized, effective, and realistic for my life as a mom of three under four.  Thanks to Kimmi's expertise and diligence, I no longer suffer from chronic pain and am thriving, not just surviving!  I am so grateful for her work in my life!  I would recommend her services to anyone seeking real, sustainable solutions for their physical and mental wellness.

Emmy Meeks

I discovered Kimmi through my massage therapist who recommended a foot detox to me.  Once I made that appointment and met Kim, my life changed for the better.  Her beautiful spirit, wealth of knowledge and personalized treatment plan are something I've never experienced in traditional medicine or counseling.  I am much improved physically and emotionally.  Most importantly, I gained a wonderful friend.

Laurie Drake


Kimmi at Restoration Wellness is not only a wealth of knowledge about healing the body naturally, but she has offered our family so much hope.  She is an incredible resource, and just a special person.  Thank you so much Kimmi!

Rachel Wilson

Kimmi's NLP program helped me in all aspects of my life.  She helped me harness and uncover the way that I have wanted to feel for so long.  She is truly amazing at what she does from foot detox to NLP work and you can't go wrong with any of her services.

Kailin Simonis


Kimberli is attentive, thoughtful, and full of knowledge.  Every time I see her I feel listened to, carted for, and supported.  She genuinely cares and wants everyone who receives from her to reach their optimal health and find peace.

Martha D.

Kimmi is so helpful and knowledgeable!  I've had two detox baths and have been recommending them to all my friends!  I've felt better and more energetic.  Also, pretty cool to see what comes out of you.

Em Granger


I really benefited from the foot detox and aroma touch treatment I recieved.  I came back to have red light treatment and absolutely loved it.  very professional and thorough services with great company as well.


Kimberli is a very kind, compassionate person who really listens to you.  She has a sincere desire to help people and it shows.  She makes you feel very welcomed and supported.

Laryssa R.

Well Kimmie is the best she cares deeply about her patients very good at what she does foot baths are wonderful just do what she say’s and u will get better my health is much better I can’t say enough.  

Ray DeVault

 What an honor to be able to work with Kimberli.  I took on her 4 week NLP program and it was incredible.  Life changing!

Nancy A.


My foot detox was exceptional from Kimmi.  I never knew how much my body needed this detox treatment.  It blew me away.  Especially essential while transitioning from season to season and wanting to cleanse your body from chemicals and candida.  Very important work to keep your machine running smoothly.  Kimmi makes you feel at home!  You will not be disappointed. XO

K. Jabbour

Kimmi is such a kind, compassionate, and caring soul...I have tried my fair share of different mental health remedies, and i am so glad I have found her.  She has supported and coached me to be at my best potential.  I have learned and grown so much with my work with her.  I cannot begin to express my sincere gratitude towards her.  SHE IS THE BEST!  You will not be sorry contacting her.

Brooke Cass

Kimberli's NLP program has saved my relationship.  I don't know how to thank her.  She is definately one of a kind and her weekly sessions were something I looked forward to every week.

R. Nedelescu

A wonderful lady who encapsulates what it means to be understanding and willing to find solutions.  She even made it clear that I could text her with any questions.  I've never had a health care provider tell me that and started to wonder why we have top jump through so many hoops out there when people like Kimmi exist.  Five stars.

Linny P.

I had issues with everything from heavy metals to tick born disease that sucked the life out of me.  I met Kimberli and all of that changed.  I can now say that Im thriving in my daily life.  Thank you Kimberli, I think you were sent from above.

Kathleen Crawford

Exceptional Service...Foot Detox would highly recommend!!  Thank you Kimmi!

Colleen Lussier